Дистрибуция на медицински консумативи

About Us

“ALD-Import” Ltd is a fast-growing and trustworthy company, which for a short period of time has established an impeccable reputation, based on superior product quality, customerorientation and professionalism.

The core activity of the company is direct import and wholesale of medical consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE). We are a team of energetic and motivated specialists, who will study your requirements thoroughly and will consult you on the products that satisfy your criteria.


Why is “ALD-Import” Ltd the preferred supplier of medical consumables?

  • Accredited manufacturers only!

Health safety is a delicate field in which the quality of the product is of paramount importance. That is why we do not take a chance on dubious companies offering low-cost but inferior products. On the contrary, we carefully select our manufacturers to abide by all the relevant international and national regulations. This gives you the peace of mind that the products that you receive are certified, reliable and durable!

  • Excellent balance of quality and price.

Since the products that we offer are used daily in large quantities and in different sectors, we perfectly understand that you need not only superior quality but an attractive price as well! Our competitive advantage is that we purchase containers of goods and in this way you can enjoy the benefits of bigger discounts.

  • The Client is King!

Our team of specialists appreciates your time. That is why we do our best to provide you with the necessary products in the most efficient, friendly and timely way.

Whenever you need our assistance and products, we are here for you!

  • Flexible payment terms

In the current unfavourable economic conditions, we realize how important is to you to have a partner with flexible payment terms, that take into consideration your current condition. You can rely on us on this part, too!

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